Prince Paris Makes Despair Sound Groovy In “Last Chance” Ft. Ben Duffy


Photo: Victor Le

Begging for another chance in any scenario sounds highly unsexy but Prince Paris’ latest single “Last Chance” ft. Ben Duffy defies such notion. Coated with sizzling layers of synths and smoky atmosphere, “Last Chance” is a breezy dance-inducing track that sends tingling frissons through your skin as the lyrics capture the despair of asking for that final chance. It’s a complete juxtaposition, making it more exquisite:

On their collaboration, Duffy shared: “The song was written on a Wurlitzer and guitar and built from there and I’m very pleased to have worked with Prince Paris on this track. Although there is a sense of despair and uncertainty to the lyrics, it’s completely offset against the uplifting sound of Paris’ work.”

Prince Paris added: ‘”Last Chance’ is one of my favourite singles so far. The fact that I was able to collaborate with Ben and Ross from Fenech Soler to make this record is a dream. I’ve been a fan of the band for a long time, since I did a remix for them back in 2013. I feel this record is a special one because it brings together a world of liveliness that only they could bring!”

“Last Chance” is out now via Physical Presents.