From Betrayal To Illusions, Badlands Captures All In “Out Of Reach”


Video still from Badlands • ‘Out of Reach’ [official video]

Swedish artist Badlands, aka Catharina Jaunviksna, has shared new cinematic single “Out of Reach,” a chest-swelling piece that is polished with introspective melancholia. Lyrically it taps into various gut-wrenching emotions – think betrayal, heartbreak, etc. With “Out of Reach,” Badlands uses bursting synths and burning atmospherics that yield a dark soundscape to meditate:

In her own words, “It’s a song about truth and consequence. About sorrow, betrayal, illusions. The song is my way of saying I’m sorry to someone, I was stupid, but so were you. It probably means something entirely different to the listener, which can be just as true. But regardless of the situation, I guess ‘Out of Reach’ tells us about what it’s like being on the first step of realizing it’s game over and time to move on, even though you really don’t want to.”

The track is from Badlands’ upcoming album Djinn, which was largely influenced by her mother who passed away under mysterious circumstances which left the artist feeling lost and paralyzed. “I spent every night in the studio, making dark repetitive beats. It was almost as if I was in a trance, channeling something” Jaunviksna says. “But as time went by, life started to make sense again as the tracks developed into tunes, and soon I could see that they represented different stages in the coping process.”

With each song, Badlands explores the process of letting go and moving on while coping with the myriad of emotions that come with such endeavor. Djinn will be out on March 5th.