Amiture Pushes Our Nostalgia Buttons In “Slide In”


Photo: Liam Wrubel

NYC artist Amiture captures the desire to feel and relive certain emotions or experiences in his latest single “Slide In.” Inspired by a phone call with an ex, “Slide In” is a slick dance-punk anthem filled with bursting riffs and visceral moments that send you shivering waves of cringing nostalgia. Check it out:

“‘Slide In’ was written in 2019 during my tour with Grace Ives. I called my ex-boyfriend while in the car in middle-of-nowhere, Colorado, and we talked for the first time in months. After I hung up, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of longing that I didn’t want.

‘Slide In’ is about wanting to feel what you’ve felt before—in sex or love or with drugs and partying. It is wanting yet knowing that you must find that good feeling somewhere else, but allowing yourself to laugh a little bit when you cave.”

The track is from Amiture’s upcoming debut album The Beach, which will be out on March 19th via Dots Per Inch Music.