Juliper Sky Takes Us On A Psychgaze Journey In “Another Life”

Highly fuzzy

Photo: PR courtesy

Manchester-based band Juliper Sky invite us into a bombastic journey in new single “Another Life.” It’s a psychegaze (psychedelia + shoegaze) melody where the fizzling synths soar over the hazy atmosphere with booming chemistry that makes you feel like you’re traveling to another dimension. On the lyrics, Jamie Lambert (Vocalist, Guitar) explained “‘Another Life’ is a song about longing for something or someone to change your life for the better. It’s about wanting to start a new life where you aren’t restricted by the boundaries in your old one, almost like a rebirth”.

Speaking of the track, Liam Grindell (Guitar, Synth) commented, “we had the track in the pipeline for a while and it went through numerous incarnations before we landed on the finished track. The track was written with size in mind and was one we knew we wanted to be BIG live. Given that live shows are out the window at time of release we took the time reassess how people will be consuming this so made some changes to make it more something you would listen to in the comfort of your own home. We really went to town on layering, creating some really deep textures, hopefully it’s the kind of track where you pick something new out on each listen.”

“Another Life” is from their upcoming EP Modern Fantasy, which will be out later this year.