The Natvral Shares Bittersweet Farewell Anthem “New Moon”

A very amicable but still painful breakup song

Still from The Natvral – “New Moon” (Official Video)

The Natvral, aka Kip Berman, has shared the new track and video “New Moon.” Inspired by a friend’s breakup, “New Moon” sends a bittersweet breeze through your ears as Kip muses on a relationship where love isn’t everything needed to keep it going. The glimmering guitar strings exude a buoyant melancholia that comes with accepting and moving on:

Speaking of the track, The Natvral shared: “A friend of mine used to date a kind-hearted, but poor musician. At some point, their relationship ended and she went on to marry someone that offered a bit more stability – and asked me to sing a song at their wedding. I gladly sang the song she asked me to, but that experience led me to write another.

I didn’t mean to sympathize with her ex – though it’s hard not to. And I didn’t mean to say she chose something wrong for herself, because she’s better suited to her new person. But I just wanted to get at that moment when you know love isn’t going to be enough, and it’s time to say good-bye.”

“New Moon” is from The Natvral’s upcoming record Tethers, which will be out on April 2nd via Kanine Records.