Au Gres Wants You To Feel A Little Less Lonely With “At Home In The Dark”

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Photo: Au Gres Facebook

Au Gres returns with new bedroom-made single titled “At Home In The Dark,” a moodily upbeat anthem where he addresses the struggles of mental health that many of us are experiencing at the moment. With the sparkling synths and mild dose of 80s charm, Au Gres shares his own take on groovy self-help music. While the riffs channel a dark air, the buoyant synths and bold lyrics leave us with a message of hope:

Speaking of the track, Au Gres explained: “Everyone is dealing with something. So many wonderful people in my life are constantly fighting with anxiety and depression. I’ve had my fair share of fights with that as well. It’s difficult to know how to best ‘be there’ for someone when they’re having a mental health episode. ‘At Home In The Dark’ is all about sitting with someone while they’re figuring that out. You don’t always need ‘solutions’, sometimes you just need someone to help you feel a little less alone in it.”