GEA Muses On The Ethics Of Honesty In “Truth Between The Lies”


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Helsinki-based artist GEA dives into a much-needed reflection on honesty and how it affects us in her latest single “Truth Between The Lies.” With her celestial croons, GEA’s vocals slickly blooms over the stunning production as she celebrates the value of seeking the truth. Within the celebratory message, there is an acceptance of the harsh reality that comes with being honest in a society filled with greed. You can feel it through the gloomy, apocalyptic vibe that permeates throughout the track. While it takes off with a slow-burning intensity, “Truth Between The Lies” quickly builds to its cathartic moments when the booming drums and sizzling synths kick in, yielding an alternative sound infused with elements of new wave and dream pop. The track comes with an animated video created by Raimi Nikkari and produced by BYNEW, which you can play below:

Speaking of the influence behind the track, GEA shared: “When I wrote this song I had no idea how relevant this message would be now, when it is being released. We can’t pretend that constant lying wouldn’t have a profound impact on our society and souls. Truth is an absolute necessity. Truth will set us free!

‘Truth Between the Lies’ is a song about the bad things we do when we think no one is watching. It’s about the lifestyle where people close their eyes about immoral things, and think they’ll get away with them.  It’s about the dangerous sense of comfort and false sense of safety we get from money, career and consumption. It’s about our planet not being able to carry the weight of our choices any more. It’s about everyone’s soul mission wanting to be manifested instead of focusing on doing what brings the easiest income. It’s about the truth running eternally through our veins no matter how much we would benefit from the lie.”

If GEA’s voice sounds familiar, you’re not hallucinating. Her music has been featured in the Netflix series Happy Jail and has earned numerous awards. She started composing her own music as a little girl and even sang in school choirs where she was chosen for soloist several times. As she grew, GEA started experimenting with more sounds and using her experiences to craft narratives. She released her debut album Butterflies back in 2017 and Snow EP in 2019. “Truth Between the Lies” is out now via Fragity Records.

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