J.L.G’s “Lion Lady” Is A Highly Smoky Synthpop

Kinda vintage, fully risqué

Photo: PR courtesy

South Florida-based artist J.L.G brings the vintage funk of 70s/80s pop and the smokiness of R&B in his new electropop single “Lion Lady.” With its lush layers of shivering synths and stretchy saxophone, J.L.G beckons us into a risqué soundscape that has been smeared with shades of classic pop with tints of jazz. “Lion Lady” feels like the rich breeze you get soaked in on a late summer night at a rooftop party by the beach – it has that nocturnal feel to it where the buoyant melancholia paired with the upbeat rhythmic structure captures a sort of temporary euphoria. With “Lion Lady,” J.L.G takes us for a playful night out (auditorily, of course) that is full of nostalgia and infectious grooviness. It is also perfect for daydreaming with its ethereal flair that helps you take a break from reality. So blast those speakers or headphones and enjoy:

Jordan Luigi Guadalupe is the mastermind behind J.L.G who decided to launch his project in 2019. He crafts personal narratives by mixing in different genres including indie, rock, pop, and more. Whether he is drawing influences from the 80s or the future, J.L.G’s sound feels timeless. He released his debut EP Vendetta in 2019 and two singles in 2020. Like many artist, J.L.G found himself reflecting during this pandemic and used his time to songsmith incessantly. “Music is my purpose, undoubtedly. I live for the creation process, the tireless hours ruminating on ideas in the studio, the trial and error, the groupthink….there is such a rush to create essentially something out of nothing,” he shared.

For this year, J.L.G plans to release more music and a short film, which he’ll be sharing more details soon. Stay tuned.