Lyndol Descant’s “Let I All Krumble” Is The Survival Ballad We Could All Use

Jazzy pop

Photo: PR courtesy

Brooklyn-based artist Lyndon Descant shares her own experiences hustling as an artist and surviving in one of the most competitive urban jungles (aka NYC) in her new single and video “Let I All Krumble.” The track takes off with an acoustic, dark melody before the syncopated layers kick in yielding a jazzy euphony. Through introspective wordplay, Lyndol taps into the inner strength of her hustler spirit to turn any negative experience into self-empowering lessons. The tongue-in-chic melody channels the slick air of jazz while also delivering the raw, intimate aura of indie pop. “Let It All Krumble” speaks to a generation of young creators who are constantly wrestling with all the barriers life throws at you, but still pushing forward with grit. The track also comes with a video directed by Eric Norcross and was shot on the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn where we get to see the power of diligence and never giving up of an alchemical artist. We get to see Lawson Leong (comedian, actor, wrestler) as the artist and Lyndol Descant as Muse and Dancer 2. Grab your popcorn and hit play:

Speaking of the track, Lyndol shared: “I wrote this song 8 years ago; my first year in Brooklyn. I was hustling hard, renting a room and barely making rent. I was surrounded by all the grossness of NYC that you have to experience on a daily basis; from pollution to rotting garbage to poverty to dilapidated living spaces that cost more than a whole house back home.

But despite what surrounded me, I felt more alive than ever. I was songwriting like crazy, performing weekly and teaching music to children from all walks of life. I was so just so thankful for the experience. I really did feel a whole new level of joy and peace on the inside. This type of invulnerability can get you through the tough times, so I wanted to share it at a time when so many are facing tremendous obstacles in their lives.”

Originally from Houston, Texas, Lyndol Descant studied jazz in Paris, France. Outside of her music, Lyndol is a teacher at the Brooklyn Conservatory where she has taught voice, piano, and composition. “Let It All Krumble” was released back in August 2020.