Patrick Ames’ “Rubber & Glue” Is A Poetic Ode To Your Other Half


Photo: PR courtesy

Californian artist Patrick Ames gives us a buoyantly emotional single titled “Rubber & Glue.” It’s guitar-powered soul that features some of his regular collaborators: Jon Ireson (production, bass, guitar), Chana, and Mikaela Mathews (vocals). “Rubber & Glue” channels that classic glow of 60s Motown with Patrick’s own modern twist. Settling for a simpler melody, Patrick lets the glimmering guitar chords and Mikaela’s croons build the background of the song as he chants about finding your other half with youthful, lighthearted air. “We’re kinda different you know / But we still kiss toe to toe” chants Patrick. There is a poetic rhythm to the lyrics as they roll through your tongue in a playful motion, making you want to sing along. With a pinch of blues, “Rubber & Glue” is the kind of love song that avoids cheesiness by using simple hooks and sticky phrases that are perfect for boosting your mood. Check it out:

On the influence behind the track, Ames commented: “The song ‘Rubber & Glue’ has been around for a few years in my world and it has that nice worn leather kind of feel. It’s comfortable, you’ve heard it before, you like it, how far along do you start singing the lyrics? It shows my heritage. We were kids in the 1960s, playing baseball on Toledo’s streets at the height of Motown’s pull and songs like Rubber & Glue were everywhere on the radio – take a known expression and make it into a song. From I Heard It on the Grapewine to Cloud Nine I played my best baseball to those endless songs on a transistor radio tuned to CKLW.”

Hailing from the wine regions of California, Patrick Ames uses music to tell stories. With a background in book publishing, Patrick’s prowess in crafting poetic lyrics make his music a journey for his listeners. He’s been songsmithing since the age of 14, using the guitar and many of the albums his older brothers passed down when they went off to college. During his college years, Patrick performed and composed his own work but didn’t take it seriously until 25 years later. He’s now in his early 60s and has been releasing a series of records including Four Faces, Like Family, and more thorough a DIY fashion. Patrick is also known for performing at intimate venues across the Bay Area and Napa, which he’ll probably restart once the pandemic ends.