Apache Rose Pour Out Their Rock Spirit In New Audacious Album ‘Attention!’

Dense, no BS rock

Photo: PR courtesy

If you’re getting tired of BS-infused rock (like pop rock that sound 100% pop), then here’s Apache Rose’s new album Attention! to quench your much-needed dose for loud music. The Moscow-based band grew up listening to rock legends of 70s to 90s and they’re now on a mission to keep pushing the genre to new heights without losing its original spirit. While the band has released four singles between 2019 and 2020, they quickly amassed shoutouts from online press and radio airplays. In January 2021, they gifted us Attention!

“Something could be gone” chants Apache Rose in the opener “Easy,” a slick piece that has the edgy polish of 80s rock. In “On My Watch,” they channel a hybrid sound of metal and punk where the stretchy choruses feel like a glorious melodic slide. The follow up, “Tiny Love,” is an anti-love song where the catchy lyrics “My tiny love is not enough” evokes a sense of frustration and a slight bit of obsession. In the “Backdoor Man,” the band uses witty lyrics and playful melody that feels comical, yet relatable. “I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who doesn’t know shit.” Yep, we all know that guy.

“Hell” is an infernal piece that reminds us of Sartre’s quote “Hell is other people.” It’s midtempo but still delivers booming beats at a gloriously introspective pace. With “Hit Me,” the band goes into a more laidback mode where they throw cathartic moments in-between. The follow up “Blind Spot” starts off with a classic rock feel until it evolves into breakneck punk intensity at 0:50 – which is the type of surprise that makes listeners blast the volume even louder. The title track “Attention!” is a mockery of our fame-obsessed culture that would do anything to get on the spotlight. “I don’t stop, how could I ever make it? Without you to fake it?” With biting sarcasm, the band addresses the absurdities we would go to feed our ego with attention.

“You Kiss Like A Girl” is a breezy, risqué track where the band uses a balanced dose of gauzy, slow-burning instances with explosive ones to capture carnal rush. The final piece “Some Kind of Love” is the most emotional and starry-eyed track of the record that feels more alternative. As you play it, you can imagine the ending credits of a film. Attention! doesn’t shy away from bringing classic rock’n’roll colors into a new modern canvass where the band craft their own visceral sound.