Devan’s Album ‘pink noise’ Goes Out To All The Hot Messes Out There

Adulting is hard…even if you’re doing it part-time

Photo: Aika Lau

Toronto-born, London-raised artist Devan captures all the inevitable mess you encounter entering adulthood in her record pink noise. It is a testament of imperfections which ranges from making conscious bad decisions to dealing with the weight of mental health. But there is nothing emo or gloomy about it, pink noise is a pop record that feels playful at times and reflective most of the times. Using simple tongue-in-cheek hooks, Devan illustrates the chaos and life lessons you acquire as you start adulting:

Pink Noise was inspired by the messiness of life, particularly the confusion and growth that comes with navigating the shitshow of one’s early twenties,” noted Devan.

For the EP, Devan teamed up with producers Adam Boukis and Quin Kiu.