Mitch Davis Dances On The Edge Of Breakup In “Bear The Cold”

Gloomy but groovy

Photo: Kensey Crane

There’s nothing that screams breakup in the hooks found in Canadian artist Mitch Davis’ debut single “Bear The Cold.” In fact, it’s playful and has that smooth groove to it that makes you want to start making waves with your arms. But like any great heart-breaking song, “Bear The Cold” relies on crafty meditative wordplay where Mitch takes us to the tipping point of any fragile relationship. Will you break up or try to glue it altogether? Let’s think about that for the next three minutes as we watch the animated video by Jordan “Dr.Cool” Minkoff:

On the influence behind the track, Mitch shared: “I had the bass line for this one written and it was just floating around in my head for probably 5 years, so it was a huge relief to finally give it some life. Despite the bouncy groove, the song is about navigating uncertainty in a relationship showing signs of collapse and the processing/attempts to shed unwanted memories after the fact. Maybe everyone knows when it’s better to rip off the band-aid than ride the ups and downs of oscillating emotions, but it’s hard advice to follow. I also just feel incapable of forgetting some elements of the past, so it’s about trying to come to terms with carrying that whether you want to or not.”

Currently based in Montreal, Mitch has been songsmithing in true DIY fashion – writing, recording, and performing all the instruments solo in a studio he built in Chabanel. His 7” Bear The Cold will be out on March 12th via Arbutus Records.