Hooveriii Reflects On The Loss Of Things Taken For Granted In “Cindy”

They look like a questionable cult…

Photo: Tom Tuong

LA band Hooveriii is back with another single and brand new noir video titled “Cindy” where they go on a deep reflection on the loss of things we’ve taken granted in the past. It’s a feeling that resonates with us more than ever as we keep pushing through this pandemic norm, trying to stay sane. And here is Hooveriii with a gauzy, indie rock treat that help us through the grieving process of the old norm we’ve lost. But emotions aside, “Cindy” has a disproportionate ratio of melody to lyrics, where the dense hazy riffs outweigh the choruses, leaving more spacious moments for introspection:

In their own words, “it is about the feeling of sorrow over the loss of things we take for granted. The song was conceived in an old spooky German WWII Bunker – converted to rehearsal spaces / venue in Furth. The lyrics were written in our van on the way to Halle the following day. I was keeping the lyrics minimal and contained, trying to channel my best Eno.”

“Cindy” is from their upcoming record Water For The Frogs, which will be out on April 9th via The Reverberation Appreciation Society.