Lionel Boy’s “Flower Girl” Is Smooth & Extra Groovy


Photo: Basil Vargas

Hawaiian native, Cali-based artist Lionel Boy takes us on a very smoovy journey with his latest single “Flower Girl,” where he injects us with pristine doses of positive vibes. Using slick expansive beats smeared with bedroom feel, “Flower Girl” soaks you with laidback simplicity that makes you wanna savor it in slo-mo. The track comes with a video directed by Casey Liu and Lionel himself:

On the track, he told us: “This was the first track that Jonny and I worked on. It’s about watching someone close to you become who they’re meant to be. I get to witness my partner grow everyday and succeed in places that bring her joy. It feels a lot like watching a flower blossom. She’s my flower girl.”