Badlands’ “Let Go” Is For All Existential Nerds Out There Musing On Life

Let’s nerd out

Photo: Rickard Grönkvist

Badlands, aka Swedish artist Catharina Jaunviksna, goes on a deeper level of existential thinking in her latest banger “Let Go.” Smeared with hypnotic and buoyant melancholia, “Let Go” finds Badlands analyzing life transitions and the short-term nature of everything. Taken from her album Djinn, which will be out tomorrow, “Let Go” comes with a video that was shot by a 16mm film in the North of Sweden where Badlands’ own mother grew up. Hit play:

In her own words, Badlands shared: “‘Let Go’ is a tribute to life and a study in the transience of everything. The track and video reflects how temporary everything is — one moment it’s there, the next it’s gone. Memories are cloudy and hard to trust, but they are what makes us. It represents the art of letting go and the different stages in that incredibly challenging process. But in the end, you’re free.”

Djinn will be out via RITE, which was founded by Jaunviksna herself and serves as both a production company and label.