daste. Drop New Intimate Laidback Track “here with me” Ft. DVNA

And it’s making us ultra reflective

Photo: James Caswell

Aussie trio daste. is back with another chill, melancholic track titled “here with me” featuring Gold Coast artist DVNA. It’s a stunning, slow-burning piece where they muse on the priceless value of close relationships and how it can fuel you with hope to get through the most turbulent times. Written during the 2020 quarantine, “here with me” amplifies our optimism:

On the song, daste.’s Tyler Harden shared: “‘here with me’ was written on a rainy night during quarantine last year. I wrote the chords and some basic melodies from the verse and chorus, then brought what I had to the rest of the group. We went all in and essentially had the whole song ready to show DVNA in one session. ‘here with me’ is about wanting to hold somebody close and forgetting about all of the other problems in life, because when you’re together you are the strongest.”

The track is from the trio’s upcoming debut album dusk / dawn, which will be out this year.