AJA’s “Red Button” Is The Ultimate Ghost-Your-Ex Anthem

And by ex, we mean the shitty kind

Photo: PR courtesy

Toronto-based artist AJA wants you to press that sinful red button with the old-fashioned telephone icon in her latest single “Red Button.” But it’s not like she wants you to ignore all phone calls, but your shitty ex who broke your heart into shards. “Red Button” is a bold, punchy pop that gives the midfinger to anyone who made you feel like life lost its meaning. With her booming, crispy choruses, AJA channels her IDGAF about you energy, helping you weed out any toxic humans in your life:

Speaking of the track, she shared: “When someone breaks your heart, I mean really breaks your heart, it’s easy to hit the ‘Red Button’ and decline their call. Wrote ‘Red Button’ with Jimmy McGormam, it was one of those collaborations that happened so organic yet so fitting. Jimmy already had the concept for the song but was looking for the right singer for it. We were introduced by a mutual friend Kurt.  I’m guessing I was the right singer”

Stay tuned for new songs from AJA this year.