Delachute Drops New Fatal Love Song “Ax”


Photo: Artist courtesy

Enigmatic Montreal artist Delachute is back with another single and video titled “Ax,” an unorthodox love song that looks into the dark heights that our emotional attachments can push us. With his iconic ominous air, Delachute crafts another introspective and dark soundscape where his lyrics chop down the superficial, starry-eyed surface of romance, revealing the madness beneath it. The song comes with a video by Patrick Gougeon, which you can check out below:

In his own words, “Letting go of someone you love is incredibly hard. A breakup is a process that challenges your self love. Do you still feel complete after? Some people don’t. Some people won’t ever let go.   As part of my job in the Canadian judicial system, I’ve worked on many murder cases. I’ve learned that ‘love’ is almost always part of the equation. Even though I’ve seen it, I still can’t believe the fact that so many have chosen to commit murder instead of living with a broken heart. ‘Ax’ is not your typical love song, but it surely is a love song.”

“Ax” is from his upcoming EP, which will be out on March 19th.