Flyght Club Captures His Pursuit Of The American Dream In “Those American Eyes”

Psychedelic rock

Photo: PR courtesy

LA-based artist Flyght Club personifies the American Dream into a female love interest in his new single “Those American Eyes.” Stitched with glimmering guitar chords, “Those American Eyes” is a psychedelic rock piece where Flyght Club’s silky croons capture the beauty of a dream that often seems too distant but always in sight. Through honeyed wordplay, Flyght Club constructs a metaphorical image of a beautiful woman who symbolizes the hopes and opportunities one chases in the entertainment industry. And as if that wasn’t hard enough, as a foreigner. There is a slight dose of Xanax vibe within the riffs as Flyght Club’s vocals channels both romanticism and desire that puts you in a chillaxing mode. While the concepts behind the starry-eyed metaphors have nothing to do with love, “Those American Eyes” sounds like a slick and slightly risqué love song that you would play on date night. Check out the video shot by Dhruv Panchal:

“‘Those American Eyes’ is a very special song to me. Contrary to popular first impressions about it being about love or a girl, the song talks about the struggles of staying in the country of opportunities – the United States of America, as an immigrant music artist. The song uses heavy personification and metaphors and is essentially me singing to America personified as a woman with all her enticing charms and opportunities as I try to hold onto my dream of achieving the American dream of making it big in the global music scene. In my past 5 years, I’ve encountered a lot of talented musicians like myself trying to achieve the same dream. Some got a break, many others couldn’t. Lack of work, exploration and logistic issues caused them to give up on their dream. And so I sing to America as I try my best to hang around and court her.”

Originally from Pune, India, Shauvik Sharan is the mastermind behind Flyght Club. Having been raised with a steady dose of classic rock’n’roll, Sharan started playing in local bands at a young age before he started DJing and making electronic music. After winning several DJ competitions and playing in various bands, Sharan decided to move to Los Angeles to keep honing his skills and build his career in the music industry. The moniker Flyght Club is based on the idea of persevering until you rise to achieve your goals. Since launching his own project, Sharan has been able to work with other artists including Jason Derulo and Movi3.