Kaleigh’s ‘Predestined’ Is Your New Adulting 101 Record


Photo: PR courtesy

If Hollywood would make a remake of The Graduate, then Kaleigh’s Predestined record would be its official soundtrack. The multi-talented artist, who completed her studies during 2020, captures her own journey of officially stepping into adulthood during this weird age we live in through nine visceral anthems. At its core, it beams with the maverick rock’n’roll spirit that we need to hustle through our daily survival. But with trimmings of pop, the album also gives us moment to savor our own thoughts and dive into the issues that surround us.

“Weather The Storm” is the punchy opener that Kaleigh has chosen to introduce us to what matters the most as a modern adult – social issues. With its explosive riffs, “Weather The Storm” is a marching anthem that calls for action to all the injustices we’ve witnessed last year. From this macro perspective she moves on to a more personal and micro one in “Lost Souls.” It’s a bursting piece that captures the ups and downs of pursuing your dreams in Hollywood. The following “Mine” is a poppier track where Kaleigh captures the desire to be with someone who is looking at the wrong way.

“You remember not long ago that you were sweet sixteen,” chants Kaleigh in “You Remember.” Weaved with raw guitar strings and heartaching nostalgia, the track finds the gal reflecting on transitions. In “Perfectly Imperfect,” Kaleigh puts us in a celebratory mode as she embraces her flaws and vulnerabilities with shimmering synths. But our favorite moment of the record is “Rebel With A Purpose,” where she channels her inner James Dean with her own moral twist. It’s an upbeat rock song that boosts your inner badass soul.

In “NY Lullaby,” she brings a hybrid between jazz and R&B vibes into the midtempo pop sphere where her vocals soar seamlessly. In “God Have Mercy,” the striking guitar chords in the beginning and smashing drums fuel you with rushing, raw intensity as she chants about finding her own identity and beliefs amidst chaos. Kaleigh exits the record with “50s Dream,” an indie rock piece that has an undeniable sense of longing: whether it’s your current dreams, past ones, or even the ones you never imagined. Predestined is Kaleigh’s own interpretation of being a young adult during the pandemic age and stepping forward to slowly put together the mess that comes with it.