Kid Smoko’s “Come With Me” Ft. Mia Gladstone Is A Buoyant Pop Ride

The highs of new relationships

Photo: Artist courtesy

NY/NJ band Kid Smoko team up with Mia Gladstone in their new bouncy single “Come With Me,” a tongue-in-chic piece that has the chest-swelling synths of dance pop and the breezy ambience of indie. “Come With Me” explores the pristine infatuation you feel when you’ve found new love and is told from the perspectives of the band and Mia who flaunt their own flair. It’s honeyed with starry-eyed moments that are perfect to boost your mood:

Speaking of their latest release, Kid Smoko shared: “Mia inspired us to depart from our usually angsty songwriting and aggressive instrumentals to make ‘Come With Me.’ A love story told from multiple perspectives, ‘Come with Me’ explores both the ups and downs of infatuation and attachment.”

Founded in 2019, Kid Smoko broke into the scene with their debut LP No Your Son. Since then, they’ve gone on tours across the Northeast and opened for other artists including Naked Giants. Kid Smoko will be relocating to Los Angeles soon, so expect to hear more from them in the upcoming months.