Master The Art Of Grateful Breakup With Ben Conley’s “Thanks For Something”


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LA-based artist Ben Conley takes a witty twist on the adage “thanks for nothing” in his latest single “Thanks For Something.” This clever wordplay in the title channel Ben’s sarcasm as he captures the end of a relationship that ended abruptly – as someone had pulled aux chord and whatever love song you were listening to just disappeared. “Thanks For Something” is a breakneck rock piece where the cannonade of percussive riffs and splashy drums wash over your ears, yielding a chaotic therapeutic effect. While the lyrics channel a biting irony, the grand-sized beats lets you vicariously exorcise your ex by unleashing any frustrations, unsaid words, and emotions you may have hoarded. With “Thanks For Something,” Ben lets you cleanse any bad ex juju out of your system and just spin your head to the rhythm, letting you indulge in the cathartic moment. The track comes with a video shot and edited by Alice Airoldi where we get to see Ben in the shower doing everything you were not taught to do with water running over him:

In his own words, “This song was written a few days after a breakup. A sarcastic flip on saying, ‘Thanks for nothing,’ this song details the hard and fast nature of the relationship and acknowledges the idealization the writer had towards his former partner.”

Ben is the type of artist who isn’t afraid to pour out his personal experiences, emotions, and vices into his own music. From breakups to addictions, Ben uses his songs as creative outlets where he can share his own growth with a touch of his own witty flair. “Thanks For Something” is the first single of Ben’s debut EP Things to Do In Willaims, AZ.

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