Off Bloom’s “Hit & Run” Is Your Emotionally Unavailable Anthem


Photo: Anders Witt

Normally we get flooded with cheesy and stale love songs that mourn for unrequited romance. But today we were gifted by an anti-love song perfect for emotionally unavailable creatures out there called “Hit & Run” by Off Bloom. Weaved with glimmering, risqué guitars and a pinch of guilty pleasure, “Hit & Run” is a sultry pop piece where the duo capture the oops moment your inner hedonist feels when he/she realizes that the other person has feelings…but you’re immune to developing emotions at the moment:

Speaking of the track, Off Bloom shared: “‘Hit & Run’ is a hot vibey track full of attitude!! We wanted to reminisce the guitar sound of the 00’s and we even turned up the gain for the first ever Off Bloom guitar solo! The song is very Britney in her way of saying ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’ and it’s about when you end up hurting someone because you’re just not into him or her emotionally – and basically, you just wanna have fun.”

The track is from their debut album In Bloom, which you can notice that it is out today. For the record, the duo teamed up with renowned producers including the messiah himself Max Martin, CJ Baran (Panic! at the Disco, Carly Rae Jepsen & more), and George Reid (of Aluna George).