The Night Café Wrestle With Love & Hate Attachments In “Isn’t”

Indie rock

Photo: Courtesy of Zeitgeist

The Night Café wrestle with the extremities of emotions in their latest single “Isn’t.” With its buoyant, breezy riffs, “Isn’t” feels like duck feathers brushing over your eardrums as your frissons start rushing through your skin. It’s a blend of slacker rock and emo pop as the band reflect the weird state of hating someone or something you love. Think about your relationship with your overpriced smart phone – you hate knowing that it will slow down with every upgrade and new model, yet you love the fuck out of it for its ‘new’ features. A more serious example, would be a toxic relationship where two parties are just harmful to each other – yet can’t move on:

Speaking about ‘Isn’t’, frontman Sean Martin said: “‘Isnt’ captures the feeling of loss/betrayal in a relationship. Basically, just a bad relationship where both people end up disliking each other but the feeling of love is still hard to lose. ‘To go from love is so absurd, it pains me still to say that word, but I love you still.’”

The track is from their upcoming new EP For Better Days, which will be out on April 22nd. The band has also announced their 2022 tour: