Blue Water Highway Waltz Down The Memory Lane In “Council Grove”

Indie rock

Photo: Missing Piece Group courtesy

With plenty of nostalgia and catchy riffs, Blue Water Highway captures the bittersweet feeling of savoring the past in their latest single “Council Grove.” It’s indie rock with a folk edge to it that has a pinch of country flair – even if you’re not into country, “Council Grove” can easily pass through your ears as an indie rock song. The upbeat simplicity of “Council Grove” evokes a different time when things seemed less complicated and comfortably understandable. If you miss the good old days like when there was no pandemic and music festivals were booming, here’s a song to cheer you up:

“As someone who loves history, and is a bit of an old soul, I often feel like I was born in the wrong time,” shared singer/guitarist Zack Kibodeaux. “Truth is, I’m probably right where I need to be… I believe we are suited for a purpose unique to our own time. This song explores that theme, while taking a scenic drive through the heartland of America, the beautiful flint hills around Council Grove, Kansas.”

“Council Grove” is from their upcoming record Paper Airplanes, which will be out on March 12th.