Dance Away From Your C+ Moods With Syrup’s New Single “Catch Your Flow”

Don’t go with the flow – control the flow

Photo: PR courtesy

Brisbane duo Syrup beckon us to get as far away as possible from the C+ mood swings with their latest dance-inducing single “Catch Your Flow.” Peppered with funk and disco sparks, the anthem is a quirky and playful soundscape that helps you snap out of negative patterns that we often let our minds slip into at times. Lyrically, the duo analyzes the emotions and swings we experience, trying to find its root cause and eventually gliding out of it. The track comes with an animated video created by Syrup’s vocalist Henry:

Speaking of the track, Harry and Henry commented:

“‘Catch Your Flow’ is a song about uncertainty. At its root, the song explores the precariousness of thought. The patterns of thinking, moods and mental dispositions which we all face. How one can fall into a mood and what caused it to be (ref. ‘Seems I’m starting to panic, I just wish I knew why.’) Whether that be through external or internal means. It’s the awkward questions that arise from not understanding why or how. The rhetorical and uncomfortable consultations we place ourselves in every day. It’s also how we escape this, the process of discovering and evolving (ref. ‘in case of something sporadic I’ll lean into something steady’). It’s every bit about how the little moments fashion the grand whilst focusing on the steady hand that labours you towards the right path. Taking these signals with gusto is a process of catching the flow.”