PACKS Want You To Leave The Comfort (& Misery) Of The Ex Zone With “Silvertongue”

Garage slacker rock

Photo: Calm Elliot-Armstrong

Toronto-based act PACKS is all about moving forward – from jamming in their hometown venues to making waves online that landed them a record deal, PACKS is the type of band you can expect to hear more in the future. Especially coz their slack rock sound is one that covers you with therapeutic fuzziness. Their latest single “Silvertongue” is a bye-felicia song to your ex while reminding you to practice more self-love and leave the miserable comfort you got used to by being with a toxic person. So burn some sage and hit play:

“It’s easy to be lured into the comforts of past relationships,” said PACKS’ leader Madeline Link. “What’s harder is dealing with years of exhaustion, mistrust, and always hoping. Ditch the whiplash of manipulation and decide what YOU want out of love! ”

The track is from PACKS’ upcoming debut LP take the cake, which will be out on May 21st via Fire Talk & Royal Mountain Records.