Ola Village’s “Love To Cry” Is The Perfect Shower Song Before Work

Let’s talk about feelings

Photo: Marius Beck Dahle

Norwegian artist Ola Village lets us pour out our tears, existential dilemmas, and get in touch with our feelings with his latest single “Love To Cry.” With its cathartic choruses and cinematic beats, “Love To Cry” offers all the warm meditation and drama you need to unleash whatever emotion you’ve been repressing. It’s the kind of song you’ll blast in the shower as you cry and shampoo your hair before going (or heading to your home desk) for work. As weird as it sounds, it’s very therapeutic:

Speaking on the release, Ola Village said: “This next one is a bit more personal than ‘A Ok’. I generally don’t like sharing too much about my songs, which I think becomes obvious if you listen to the lyrics. So by saying that I guess you can imagine what this song is about. You might think: me, an emotional being with the lack of will to show those emotions to others, would be a bad fit. But I have to say that I like it that way. In a time where all of our lives are so public, it’s nice to have something that is just mine.”

The track is from his upcoming EP, which is due later in the fall.