If You’re Suffering From A Broken Existential GPS, Here’s Dräger’s “Light Years”

A swirling waltz

Photo: Andrew Segreti

Brooklyn artist Dräger boxes us into that highly existential moment when your thoughts start bolting into your mind with why on earth you ended up here in his latest single “Light Years.” A pinch of disco and lots of swirling riffs are what make “Light Years” feel like a kaleidoscopic waltz with some of your most soul-consuming thoughts. Swinging between introspecting and grooving, “Light Years” keeps you afloat in a generally positive way:

On his new single, he shared: “It’s a moment where you look back on all the things that have landed you here and you wonder if the signs are still leading you forward with the road you’ve been on or if they’re telling you to take the next exit to the unknown.”

The track is from Dräger’s upcoming debut album Goths à la Discothèque, which will be out on May 7th.