Christopher Ruminates On Change In New Stunning Video “Fall So Hard”


Still from Christopher – Fall So Hard (Official Music Video)

Danish artist Christopher kicks off our adrenalins and frissons off the roof with his latest single “Fall So Hard,” a highly adhesive single that will play on-repeat in your brain even after you’ve finished it. In “Fall So Hard,” Christopher muses on lifechanging variables that can completely reshape the way you see things. The swishing chords paired with the bursting synths yield a blood-rushing melody where Christopher’s seamless pitch nail the feeling of novelty and newfound identity you experience in moments like those. The track comes with a video directed by Jens Ulrik Helmbæk where we get to see Christopher in the radest box:

Speaking of the influence behind the track, Christopher shared: ”‘Fall So Hard’ is a song of optimism and change. About how all of a sudden, something or someone can step into your life and make it fundamentally different. But the thing about this cliché is that it’s really true. I recently became a dad for the very first time and from one single moment I was a subsidiary person in my own life. Everything is turned upside down. It’s just a brand new and overriding dimension which is indescribable.”

The track is from Christopher’s upcoming album My Blood, which will be out on March 26th.