If You’ve Mindfully Avoided Choosing What’s Best For You, Here’s The Natvral’s “Sun Blisters”

Like not choosing salad over fries

Artwork: PR courtesy

Perhaps what distinguishes us from other mammals who operate on a fight-or-flight mode is our ability to intentionally opt out of things that are best for us. Think about the times you ordered fries as a side instead of salad or quit a job that would play havoc on your finances. The Natvral’s latest single “Sun Blisters” addresses such choices with a cool, breezy vibe. The gauzy textures invite its listeners in an introspective space where he reflects on those rare instances when you don’t want to go after things that are best for you or other people. In his own words, “It’s a song about how you don’t always want what’s for the best– and neither do I.” Check it out:

The track is from his upcoming album Tethers, which will be out on April 2nd via Kanine Records.