Watch This Wild Life Battle Exes In Pokémon Fashion In New Music Video

Meet Anth-achu

Photo: Alex Bemis

This Wild Life channel their love for Pokémon in their new video “You Swore Your Love Would Burn” where we meet Anth-achu, your perfect companion who will protect you from any feisty exes. The video features This Wild Life’s memebers Kevin Jordan as Ash and Anthony Del Grosso as Anth-achu as they face unexpected hurdles, angry exes, and lots of Pokéballs. It’s a comical video for a quirky track that combines our childhood dreams and adulthood nightmare – being a real-life aspiring Pokémaster who encounters all of your exes nonstop:

Speaking of the track, Kevin Jordan shared: “My love for emo and Pokémon meet in our new music video ‘You Swore Your Love Would Burn.’ We made this video 100% DIY with $20 Animation Software, 10,000 hours of Pokémon gameplay experience, and a dream. Hope you love it.”

Following their departure from Epitaph Records last year, This Wild Life released their first single as independent band titled “Nothing Hurts Like Love For The First Time” back in November. “You Swore Your Love Would Burn” is the follow up and a glimpse into all the fun the duo has in store for us.