What If Elephants Celebrate “Guilty Pleasure” Ft. Flara K

Guilty as charged

Photo: Artist courtesy

Montreal band What If Elephants celebrates the small joys and pleasures that make life worth it in their new single “Guilty Pleasure” ft. Flara K. Bursting with synths and infectious sass, “Guilty Pleasure” is packed with punchy frissons that nestles you in that instance when your reward center is at its peak – think of morning coffee with jazz, popping air bubbles, the feel of fresh bedsheets, fresh pizza out of the oven, etc. Hit play:

Speaking of the influence behind the single, What If Elephants commented: “Guilty pleasures, as the expression goes, symbolize things that everyone doesn’t get to see, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong to enjoy what makes a difference for you. We think it’s those little things enjoyed in less public settings that can often have the deepest and long lasting impact.”

What If Elephants broke into the scene in 2014 and were four times semifinalists in CBC Searchlight and winners of Canada’s Walk of Fame RBC Emerging Music Program in 2018. They’ve played across dozens of festivals and opened for other artists including Neon Dreams. Stay tuned for ore drops from the band this year.