Cedarsmoke Gauge The Pros & Cons Of Aging In “Being Young Is Getting Old”

Young is the new old

Photo: PR courtesy

Aussie band Cedarsmoke weighs in the pros and cons of growing older but still being young in their latest single “Being Young Is Getting Old.” It’s a self-contradicting, mindfucking title but somehow it makes sense as you indulge in the soothing, melancholic riffs as the band contemplates on wrestling with maturity and youth in your twenties. For all of us who are averaging B-/C+ in adulting, this is the song that nails it:

Speaking of the track, frontman Jon Cloumassis shared: “The song is about the downside of youth and being in your twenties. It began with the title which I liked because of the double meaning – it looks at how youth has its negatives and it also looks at how getting old is a constant thing. I think that like most things, it has its pros and cons which is what makes it an interesting subject matter to me.”

Having released their fifth EP Everything Is The Worst last March along with several lockdown singles, Cedarsmoke will be releasing more music this year as they get older and maybe wiser (this is highly questionable).