Sedona Muses On Life’s Uncertainties In Gorgeous 80s New Wave Single “Drifting Days”

When life throws you waves, ride it

Photo: Gabi Rudin

Sedona muses on the uncertainties that life throws at you in unexpected waves in their new single “Drifting Days.” It’s new wave pop glossed with the nostalgic feel of 80s, giving us a warm melodic breeze that wraps us with a lush therapeutic vibe. With “Drifting Days,” Sedona reminds us that even in moments of extreme chaos, we can control the way we react towards it – and they want you to react as groovy as possible:

Speaking of the new single, Sedona revealed: “They say life happens while you’re busy making other plans, and that certainly rings true to how the world has felt this past year. The pandemic put a pause on everyone’s plans in ways many weren’t prepared to face. ‘Drifting Days’ is a song that aims to soothe listeners into accepting things out of their control, standing tall in the face of adversity, and learning how to make the most of moments even when they don’t turn out how we expect them to. ‘Life comes in waves, right when you need a drifting day.’ The key is learning how to ride them. Hopefully this song helps!”

Sedona is composed of the lead singer herself as well as her bandmates Merilyn Chang (keys), Claire Gilb (guitar), Margaux Bouchegnies (bass), and Tia Cestaro (drums). The band was founded back in 2018 and named after the lead singer’s alter ego. Their works have garnered buzz across the media for blending myth rock with dirty pop and has been making waves across Spotify playlists. Currently getting ready to roll out more music, you can expect to hear more from Sedona in the upcoming months.