Lovebreakers’ “Laura” Is Pop Rock With A Dash Of 80s

L-A-U-R-A, L-A-U-R-A-A-A

Photo: Morgan Tedd

Birmingham-based band Lovebreakers rocks our adrenalins and serotonins with their latest single “Laura,” a chromatic soundscape radiating the shiny highs of being in love with someone. “Laura” is actually an ode to the fiancée of Lovebreakers’ Jack and it’s a starry-eyed piece that brings the vibrant swagger of 80s into the modern realm. Initially when you hear it, you get that rock’n’roll kick into your system but as you dive deeper, the rhythmic pop trimmings gets you flowing:

Comprised of Jack, Christian, Marcus, and David in Birmingham back in 2017, Lovebreakers have been making waves for their bold sound. “Laura” is from the band’s upcoming debut album Primary Colours, which will be out later this year via Wiretap Records.