If You Are Guilty Of Overfixing, Here’s Reluctant Zero’s “Hurt No More”

For the empathetic overfixers out there

Photo: PR courtesy

Rock quartet Reluctant Zero navigates through the tricky emotional and mental labyrinth of empathy in their latest single “Hurt No More.” Lyrically, the track addresses our incomprehensible tendency to try to fix other people’s problems out of our empathetic hearts even though we’re absolutely unqualified to do it. But despite the complexity of the topic, “Hurt No More” is a buoyant soundscape polished with the rhythmic trimmings of pop, giving it a dance-inducing hook. But there is an undeniable rush of rock’n’roll blood that runs through the percussive veins of the song as the foot-stomping riffs inundate your system. It’s an upbeat anthem that admits some of our biggest flaws, but also embraces that characteristic as a unique human gateway to connect with others. In a way, “Hurt No More” goes out to all the hopeless heroes who often overextend themselves intentionally:

Speaking of the track, the band shared: “‘Hurt No More’ is a song about someone trying to fix a problem that isn’t theirs to fix. I think, at some point in life, we’ve all felt compelled to help someone we didn’t know that well because we found something inside them that we connected with. Hurt No More tries to encapsulate that feeling.”

Hailing from Northern Virginia, Reluctant Zero was founded by singer/guitarist Matthew Rector and drummer Christopher Scott in 2018. They were soon joined by bassist Dave Jones and the trio quickly started making buzz with the release of their two EPs in 2018. The following year, the band recruited Felix Barca as lead guitarist, becoming the quartet that they are today. Like many bands, Reluctant Zero has also used the pandemic year to record their debut full-length record. “Hurt No More” is from the band’s upcoming album, which will be out later this year.