Time To Cry With Nancy Wenstrom’s “Vintage Tears”


Photo: PR courtesy

“My vintage tears / I been storing them up for years” chants Nancy Wenstrom in her latest single “Vintage Tears.” It’s a hauntingly gorgeous track that blends the classic elements of blues and Americana where Wenstrom breaks down the complex emotions that is layered above a doomed relationship. With her visceral guitar chords, she weaves a gauzy sonic texture with the edgy trimmings of rock’n’roll that gives it a gritty oomph. In a way, “Vintage Tears” nestles you on the cusp between the end and beginning as Wenstrom waltzes you through the grieving process of letting a relationship go. Through her crispy vocals, the multi-talented artist captures the lingering desire and what-ifs that we experience towards someone who we know isn’t meant to us. But buried within these hefty emotions, Wenstrom sheds a light of hope as she reminds us of the power of moving forward with self-love. Check out the lyric video below:

Speaking of the track, Wenstrom shared: “My newest release, ‘Vintage Tears’, was inspired when texting with a friend about his situation with a woman who cared more for him than he did for her. We came up with the lyric idea of a storm that starts brewing when one has the realization that a love affair isn’t going to work out. The song is about the moment one faces these fears, and then the acceptance signified by the release of tears that have been stored up a long time. In my own life experience this acceptance was the beginning of healing for me. Charles Dickens called it being “blessed with the relief of tears” (Tale of Two Cities). So, as dark as it may seem, tears do bring relief.  The sun that comes out at the end of the video signifies better times ahead, the benefit of letting go of things that aren’t working.”

Born in Houston, Wenstrom spent her early years living a nomadic life across various states including Nebraska, California, DC, and Alabama. She eventually found her home in the Bay Area where she graduated from UC Berkeley. At an early age, Wenstrom has been playing music and has had a steady dose of iconic artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Page, and more. For the past four decades, she has played as lead guitarist with some of the renowned Bay Area artists including Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, Chris Isaac, and more. She has also released eight solo albums and fronted several bands. Aside from her career under the spotlight, she has also worked behind the scenes as a renowned songwriter and has written for other artists including Marty Balin of Jefferson Starship. “Vintage Tears” is from her upcoming album Inside Story, which was recorded shortly before and during 2020. Stay tuned for more details.