Ben Sefton’s “Humans” Is Dedicated To All The Alien Earthlings

Alternative pop

Photo: PR courtesy. We’re getting serious Mr. Robot vibes here

If you’ve experienced a series of wtf moments in your life as an earthling living in this weird age, Ben Sefton’s “Humans” is the song you should be blasting. With its kaleidoscopic textures, “Humans” swirls you in with its foot-stomping riffs as Sefton’s vocals transmit the weird foreign feeling we experience with our own species. The track was inspired by Sefton’s own experience living in Montreal hustling his music career while working as a window washer for a company that had a rich clientele. Between working in luxurious houses to commuting in the dreary metro soaked with sweat, Sefton began ruminating on what it means to be human and how alien it feels to be one. The track comes with a video created by 3D artist Metapoint:

Speaking of the influence behind the track, Sefton shared: “I had this urge to finally make a song that reflected how strange this world is to me – how foreign all of the normal things really are, in my eyes. An anthem of sorts for all my fellow aliens out there who feel like an outsider; with an eerie, space vibey intro, as if exploring the remains of a crashed vessel upon some innocent, unsuspecting farmland.”