Blake Red’s “Follow Me” Is An Introspective Rock Anthem With A Splash Of 90s

Alternative rock

Photo: PR courtesy

Blake Red wears her heart under her sleeves in new single “Follow Me,” a rock ballad with tints of 90s that has a nostalgic kick to it. Weaved with gritty chords, “Follow Me” is layered with edgy rhythms where Blake Red sinks her teeth into the hazy mental state we fall in when we are trying to redeem ourselves, but struggle to let things go. “Follow me, / you’ll find out soon / Where the colors may take you” chants Blake Red. While the lyrics of “Follow Me” touch upon hefty themes, the melody is an upbeat one that reminds you of 90s rock bands like Nirvana. It’s bold and unapologetic that lets Blake Red’s booming vocals soar seamlessly. The waves of bursting synths and thrusting drum beats yield an infectiously energetic flair that keeps your adrenalins running, making “Follow Me” an explosive melodic therapy. Through “Follow Me,” Blake Red lets the listener vicariously unleash and yell all the pent-up emotions. It is self-produced and deeply personal as the artist invites us into the most vulnerable corners of her mind.

Pre-save “Follow Me” here (out Friday, March 26th)

Blake Red is a multi-talented musician and mental health advocate who has used her works and social platforms to share her stories as well as address issues. Known for her bursting sound, she released her debut EP S.O.S. (Songs On Suicide) back in October 25th. The record quickly garnered buzz across the world for its authenticity and vulnerability in mental health issues. Since the release of the EP, her works have been featured on charts and various playlists. But behind the success, Blake Red was struggling with her own depression and anxiety. In early 2021, the artist revealed that she has admitted herself into a semi-hospitalization program to receive the treatment she needed for her mental health. Still in the process of recovery, Blake Red continues to be true to herself and fans by sharing her journey. “Follow Me” captures her experiences wrestling with mental health and substance use, while also delivering a message of hope. The track and video was recorded at the renowned Chicago Recording Company.