Chris Birkett Pays Homage To Love With “Precious Love”

A cinematic love song

Photo: PR courtesy

Award-winning artist Chris Birkett gives us the ultimate cinematic love song to savor titled “Precious Love.” Inspired by Birkett’s own experience meeting his wife, “Precious Love” is a starry-eyed pop piece where the glimmering guitar strings and saxophone yield hypnotic hooks that capture the emotional highs of finding the one. There is a Hollywood-esque air to the song, which isn’t surprising since Birkett’s own story of meeting his wife sounds straight out of a romcom movie – he met Joan Prowse while working with an artist. Few years later, they decided to spend Valentines together in Paris, which was their second meeting. And like any great romcom, he proposed to her the next day. “Precious Love” is a celebration of their relationship after a decade of meeting in Paris and it is also a general ode to love. It is a breezy, dreamy single where the propulsive riffs keep you afloat as Birkett’s vocals channel the serendipitous and playful ways that love can change people:

In his own words, “‘Precious Love’ is about how positive feelings can grow, and how love can transform people, for people are precious, and relationships are the foundation of humanity.”

Birkett broke into the industry as a guitarist playing in clubs across London. By the age of 23, he performed with several chart-breaking acts (Love Affair) and major label ones (Omaha Sheriff). Aside from performance, Birkett started producing, engineering, and mixing for many renowned artists including Sinead O’Connor and his number one track “Nothing Compares 2 U.” But Birkett was not only making and performing music with other artists, his solo work also took off and was even invited to play with iconic acts such as U2, Peter Gabriel, Bob Marley, Queen, etc. In 1993, Birkett moved to France and opened his own studio at his chateau near Bordeaux where he produced albums for international musicians including Etran Finatawa. He left his life in France in 2012 when he decided to move to Toronto and work on his third record Be Creative, which featured various artist including Blue Rodeo’s Glen Milchem and Triumph’s Rick Emmett. From his studio in Toronto, Birkett has produced and co-produced a range of award-winning albums including  Buffy Sainte-Marie’s Polaris and Juno award winning record Power in the Blood and Juno winning record Medicine Songs. He is currently songsmithing for a wide range of artists and working on his upcoming records Songs from the Kauai Hotel Room and The Happy Campers.