Hooveriii Take Us On A Retro Galactic Trip In “Erasure”

Psychedelic garage rock

Photo: Tom Tuong

LA band Hooveriii returns with new single “Erasure,” a psychedelic, garage rock piece that floods you with gauzy synths and echo-dipped choruses. The drizzling chords accompanied by the chaotic drums yield a hazy soundscape that is smeared with their quirky charm. Lyrically, “Erasure” is a love song that radiates the explosive nature of it. Along with the song, the band has also unveiled its video for it where they take us on a galactic odyssey:

Of “Erasure” they noted: “Maybe the most sonically aggressive jam on the LP, ‘Erasure’ is also the only love song. Originally demoed in a more straightforward fashion, but when Shaughnessy added the rhythmic toms it became more of a war chant. Big primitive energy, much like the destructive nature of love. The song also features wicked dueling sax and war cries from Gabe Flores & Gabe Salomón.”

“The idea of the video – which is a mix of live action and stop motion –  came from the director, Owen Summers.” They continued. “We wanted to make it feel like an episode of Star Trek or any sort of sci-fi B-movie.”

The track is from their upcoming record Water For The Frogs, which will be out on April 9th via Reverberation Appreciation Society.