Bloxx’ “Everything I’ve Ever Learned” Is The Self-Help Song We Always Needed

Life is hard

Photo: Parri Thomas

UK quartet Bloxx give us a self-help boost with their latest single “Everything I’ve Ever Learned.” Built with shuddering drums and explosive chords, the track injects you with unlimited adrenalin as the quartet capture the chaos and lessons we acquire in this bizarre world filled with unwanted surprises. Booming with bursting rhythmic textures, “Everything I’ve Ever Learned” takes you on a blood-rushing ride: 

Speaking of the track, Bloxx’ Fee Booth said: “The last two years for me have been very difficult, with health scares and anxiety hitting the roof. This song was really important in my journey to stop trying to understand everything, and to just accept the cards you’re dealt and make it work for you. It taught me to keep holding on, even when your grip is loose.

The depth of what it means to me as a person is so crazy for just a four-minute piece of music. It faces the trials of life, and everything that you wish you’d have been taught before having to face it all brutally, in the real world. It’s basically a self-help song, it’s for everyone that needs to hear it. ‘You should learn to hold on, it’s not the end of the world.’” 

“Everything I’ve Ever Learned” is out now via Chess Club Records.