Let Go Of Your Inner Control Freak With Sofia Lafuente’s “State Of Flux”


Photo: PR courtesy

Glossed with laidback lush synths, Sofia Lafuente’s “State of Flux” stands out as an introspective and posh track for all the control freaks out there who need a break. With her silky and smoothly burning vocals, Sofia captures our desire to be in control of everything and the need to let it go for the sake of our mental health. The video comes with a video directed by Alex Butcher and Antonio Lewis where we get to see Sofia embrace a new kind of freedom: 

Speaking of the single, Sofia explained: “‘State of Flux’ is about realising that at some point you have to relax into the uncertainties of life. It’s about accepting you can’t control everything, you never could and that’s ok.”

On the video, she noted: “When I write I always experience productions in a very visual way, so I wanted to explore this explosion of color in the video. In my head, ‘State of Flux’ has always looked like a time lapse of a sunset so we wanted to try and take inspiration from that.”

Born in the US and raised in Europe by an American dad and Spanish mom, Sofia has been using music as a creative outlet for escapism from her multi-cultural life. “Wherever I would go, if I was new or I was feeling out of place, music was the thing that made me feel completely free” she recalled. At the age of 13, she went through a back surgery and that’s when she started songwriting. Her knack and talent led to live performances and studio sessions with renowned producers by the age of 14. For her latest single “State of Flux,” she teamed up with award-winning producer Toby Scott (Tove Lo, Cashmere Cat, etc.). Be on the lookout for more news from the gal in the upcoming months.