Mina Okabe Sends Us Breezy Summertime Vibes With “Walk Away”

A bittersweet track

Photo: Karen Rosetzsky

Mina Okabe returns with new breezy track “Walk Away,” a warm bittersweet piece that finds the artist ruminating on a relationship that seems equally doomed and hopeful. Weaved with simple chords and laidback drums, “Walk Away” throbs at a chill pace with a sun-kissed vibe where Mina’s silvery vocals buoys you into a reflective state. The track nestles you in the midpoint between heartbreak and hopeless romanticism, keeping you in a constant state of daydreaming: 

Check out the live session at Mr. Larkin:

“I wrote ‘Walk Away’ about the feeling of not knowing if the guy that I was seeing was as interested in me as I was in him. I was asking myself, if I should walk away from what we had or keep giving him chances to prove me wrong,” explained Mina.

Mina is set to play her first concert in Vega (Copenhagen) on November 13th. Don’t miss her.