RoseeLu’s “Playing Alone” Is An Ode To Your Inner Child

With 90s flair

Photo: Petra Kleis

Danish artist RoseeLu pays homage to our inner child in her latest single “Playing Alone.” Showcasing the nostalgic flair of 90s, “Playing Alone” is an alternative pop piece that showcases a moody flamboyance with its foot-stomping riffs. RoseeLu’s silky vocals radiate a booming energy over the melody, giving you plenty of hair-raising momentums. Check it out: 

“I have always been soul searching and contemplating with my inner self, where both good and bad rules. From a very young age, I learned that if anybody should have a chance to understand me, I needed to express my exact feelings instead of acting like an erupting volcano and exposing my vulnerability, which usually leads to misunderstandings. I write songs to get my unprocessed feelings out in the open and to clear my head. I hope that my songs can help others to process their feelings and emotional state,” she shared. “Even though it sounds cliché, I really hope to inspire anyone who listens to embrace their inner child and cherish it. ‘Playing Alone’ is my appeal to those who thinks kids are wrong if they -like me -are not into commercial toys and football trading cards, but are totally fine contemplating with themselves in their own company –which is OK and super healthy.”

RoseeLu grew up surrounded by her dad’s piano and started making her first melodies at an early age. At 17, she decided to move to Copenhagen to pursue her music career. Now 19, she is ready to share her own narratives through bangers. Stay tuned.