Saint Nomad Wants Us To Dance In Unity In New Single “Stay”


Photo: PR courtesy

Sibling trio Saint Nomad delivers a message of unity and mutual respect with their latest single “Stay.” Built with bold, chest-swelling synths, “Stay” is an explosive electropop piece that finds the trio washing us with smoky croons and ambience that makes us feel like we’re partying in another dimension. With “Stay,” Saint Nomad addresses the polarity that we’ve been experiencing around the world and while differences will always exist, the trio reminds us of the importance of unity:

“‘Stay’ was written as our anthem in response to the division we’re seeing in our culture and in our country,” the band explained. “Seems like people are increasingly being pitted against each other, and we just want to foster love, understanding, and mutual respect. There’s nothing more powerful than truly loving people where they are at. We want people to be honest, express themselves, and still know that we can be family and friends. And we’re going to stay that way.”

Born in Russia and raised in the US, Saint Nomad are Nikita, Ruslan, and Yan Odnoralov who broke into the scene with their 2018 debut album Memento Mori. Their works have been featured in ads for Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why, so if they sounded familiar, you’re not hallucinating. For their latest single “Stay,” the trio teamed up with producer Daniel James (Hayley Williams’ FLOWERS for VASES / descansos, Judah & the Lion’s Pep Talks).