Midnight Pool Party’s “CREAM” Is A Deliciously Risqué Dance Track

Party 2.0

Photo: Hayden Buchanan

Aussie duo Midnight Pool Party return with a bomb of frissons in the form of “CREAM,” dance-inducing electronic anthem that immediately transports you into an underground club at 3am. “CREAM” is a sinfully exquisite track that thumps over your eardrums, leaving irresistible melodic pheromones inside your system. In their own words, “This song is very sexual in the way it sounds but also in the lyrics. Ultimately, it’s about playing hard to get. It’s about not giving yourself away to someone without them working hard for it.” Press play:

Midnight Pool Party’s Darren Morilla further added: “In winter last year we went away up the coast for a weekend to write a bunch of songs and this was one of the songs we wrote that weekend. During that particular session we just vibed with each other. It stood out from all of the other songs we wrote because we’ve never done a track where the verses were sung in a whisper. It brought a whole new dynamic to the song and made it very intimate.”

Expect more bangers from the duo in the next few months.