Compltr’s “Everything You Wanted” Is For Your Professional Pessimist Friend

Or acquaintance

Photo: Senny Mau

We all know that one person who is pessimistic at all times – even if you’ve fed them with pizza and shared your Netflix account. SF/LA band Compltr captures the weird friendship chemistry you have with a pessimist in their latest single “Everything You Wanted.” Stacked with gauzy synths, the track drizzles over your ears with a chaotic euphony that keeps you awash in a meditative state. But the song itself doesn’t turn you into a pessimist, but it rather lets you to observe such creatures from a Darwinian lens. Hit play:

“This is the first Compltr single since August 2019. It was really nice for us to get back together to record this after over a year of downtime. The song is about being in the orbit of someone who is really proficient at seeing the negative in everything, rather than the positive, at any cost. The song was tracked by the band in Los Angeles at Rose Room Studios, Mixed by Scott Goodrich (Culture Abuse, Unconditional Arms, The Story So Far), and mastered by Alberto De Icaza (Clutch, King Crimson),” shared Jeff Wright of Compltr.